सकिराको फेसबुक साथी १० करोड भन्दा बढी पुगे

International pop star Shakira on the social site Facebook has become the most popular person. The number of fans on Facebook has more than 10 million. 
Shakira's global identity, and communicate with their fans because of his personality that he could become so popular on Facebook.  
The hundred million mark Shakira on the occasion of his fans have also released a video on the Facebook page Said thank you and your loved ones

Shakira wrote on Facebook, "I am happy to have reached this stage because it totally is about connecting with his fans around the world." 

Shakira believes that his or other social media, especially Facebook has worked to bridge between artists and fans. 

He lauded social sites, said: "We have been successful in communicating the idea of ​​the artist and other fans, etc. can share their achievement. Through a combination of photos and videos of life's precious moments we share with each other, are able to. "

The Shakira often use social sites to communicate with their fans and keeps on giving thanks.


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